About Us

About UsAbout Us

Real Taos; the art of real estate.

Real Taos understands that every client and every situation is unique.  Buyers and sellers know they can expect personalized, experienced service with the commitment that is required for any successful real estate transaction.

Our success stems from our dedication to being thorough, detail oriented, skilled in negotiating and intuiting the needs of the client and accepting nothing less than excellence in handling the intricacies of the regulations and rules within the many areas in and around Taos.

Professional Service:

Clients can expect professional, experienced, friendly and skilled service from Real Taos.  Our paramount standard of service demands that all of our customers receive the utmost in conscientious, thoughtful, dedicated support through every step.

What sets Real Taos apart from the others?  Having a comprehensive knowledge of all of the aspects that need to happen in a transaction, being accurate in research, recognizing and anticipating potential advantages and set-backs, as well as being well-connected with other professionals in the area; these are a few of the many arenas in which we shine.

We Go the Extra Mile:

We care about what we do and about the people with whom we interact.  We believe that by taking the time to follow up with clients, and to help navigate the details and concerns of the processes, we build a relationship that fosters clear communication, savvy negotiating, and ultimately, trust.

Connected to Community:

Not only are we connected to our physical community, through membership with the Chamber of Commerce and volunteering with the MLS board, but also we are connected to our online community for our clients who live around the globe.

We believe that as a part of our community, giving back is what happens in every day life: building relationships, supporting local businesses, contributing to fund raisers, etc.

We connect globally through our up to the minute website, which is connected to our MLS listings.  It is important to us that no matter where are clients are we provide the tools necessary to enable them to meet their objectives.